Hoe kutje likken italiaanse kutjes

hoe kutje likken italiaanse kutjes

I make at home!!!! I could never move my tongue like that lol. I came while she was coming too! Kut likken heel dichtbij en kutje volspuiten in het eerste vlak POV 1. De lekkerste Masturberen sexfilms vind je hier! Blote meiden neuken teef neuken

That is one of the most erotic videos I've seen. Yeah I jerked off to it! Perfect in every way! I liked the way she talked to him, and the way he responded to her, and they way he stuck with it till the end. And, she has a very beautiful edible pussy! What the name of the artist and the song?

God I love watching guys lick clits so fucking hot. I would love to take her place! Wow exactly same I am doing it.

This is only for 13 min. I can do it for hrs. Dudes got that Tongue working over time.. It is within every woman's rights to demand such treatment -- even on a first date. And be it known that I would always be pleased to provide it.

I love that tounge. My favorite thing to do is eat pussy just like this I love learning how to eat out every girl, because every girl is unique. Some can take direct clit stim for example, for others it's too much. I wish I had some pussy to eat right about now: Nice performance but that soundtrack Enjoyed watching this one. I'd love for you to be my cunnilingus king: I used to do this to my bae.

She was divorced and her husband never made her orgasm nor scream. She enjoyed my licking and she loved it whn i made her sit on my face.

She loved the feeling of riding my face and im sucking ur pussy and sucking ur juices. I cud see her face so happy when she was. This is the real truth. This sure got ME hot!!! I've seen this one a few times already now and thought I better give him a compliment!!! You are more than welcome, SuperShootMan! She'll love you forever! Now, to show this to my man!!

Perhaps he'll learn a little from you!! My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months and he's never eaten me out. He says he did it once years ago and he didn't like it because he had "meat curtains," and he thinks any pussy that isn't just a little slit is disgusting.

I don't think he's ever even really looked at my pussy before, but if he did, he'd apparently be grossed out because I don't have just a little slit.

You need a new dude. Your guy doesn't like pussy unless it looks like it hasn't been through puberty yet. I don't think I would want 10 straight minutes of just clitoral stimulation. That being said, he looks like he did a fabulous job and she has a beautiful pussy. I dont understand some comments about this video, thats the normal way a boy makes love to his girl.

Sex has to go in every Part of Body, sex should not be 5 Minutes, Sex needs time, time to feel the Body of the Partner. Well that is a really well trained tounge: But different music maybe? Can he do me next, please?? Very nice, except my wife prefers I shave closely before I am intimate with her.

Personally I like to feel the scruff down there. It's so hot feeling all that manliness on my pussy! Who wants to lick virgin pussy? Damn solid cunny lip licking by this dude right here! I love this video. I love how her pussy blooms like a flower. Wish someone like this guy could come and lick me like that.

I cum 4 times watching that. Why she took so long to cum? He knows how to lick a pussy! Your eyes are to die for. Part of the enjoyment here was your smoldering eye contact. There needs to be more porn like this!

Please swirl your tongue around the lips of my pussy and tease my clit with your amazing tongue. I would cum for hours. This is so hot, I need it done to me!! I need my pussy worshiped like this. This video never ceases to make me cum. I would worship your pussy! Love the soundtrack, love the talented hotty, love that gorgeous girl's orgasm. I don't cum from oral very often, but I think he'd fix that. I'd love a taste This Female has a male that really enjoys what he's doing.

This is how it should be. I need this so bad! I love touching myself while watching this Making my fingers imitate his tongue. I came within 2 minutes of watching this and my body was shaking.

Seriously wish I had a man that would do this for me! My boyfriend now doesn't eat pussy at all. Girl, we're in the same boat! My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months and he's never gone down on me. He says he doesn't like eating pussy because of his ex, so he won't even try it on me: I would have multiple orgasms if a man licked me this way.

I'm not even going to lie I like that song in the beginning Eat it like you mean it Video is hot, this is the way guys have to eat pussy. Surely I'm not the only one who is secretly hoping these two are not together anymore. I wouldn't mind having him look up at me from between MY legs. I need a guy like this. I want somebody to like my pussy the same way! Too slow and frustrating for me but that's just me So romantic video, I love it.

She didn't even get off good. No squirt came out. Every man should be made to watch this! I could edge for hours to this! Every time I need to come I go there I make house calls. This gentleman is fantastic. His tongue skills are very much on point. I wish there were more men like him taking their time making love to the pussy with their tongue. Guys are honestly so bad at licking pussy I get so wet Oh when you start moaning as she's getting close Great audio and video work.

I always come back to this vid.. This video must enter the books in the schools! You make my nipples so hard and my panties so wet How it should be. I generally don't like getting licked because it seems so intimate for a woman to get oral way more than a man! Intimate in all the right ways. When you start moaning towards the end as you suck her clit Makes me clit pulse.

If I found one of those, I wouldn't let him go: This is my favourite video on this site. PS what is the song that starts around 6: Makes my clit pulse. I need someone like him! Please, do this to me. This is stunningly beautiful camera work lol! Beautiful video with some beautiful work. I love this video!

Personally, I could lick pussy all day long. One of my favorite things to do. Oh my god, that was perfect! That was amazing, he just looks so pleased with himself. Very hot, but i"m missing the look of her face, her expression, enthusiasm.

A women is not only pussy. I've watched this like 5 times already.. I try to watch this without touching myself but it never happens. I'd definitely watch you guys and touch myself while doing so. I'm gay, and even I find this video extremely hot. Any girls in Texas want there pussy licked like that from a female!?!

Mmmm looks so good! How does one stay so still throughout? I can't even when I've tried to. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them, it just means they need more or want more stimulatuon. Besides, extended play is amazing. Just because you want it over with in 3 minutes doesn't mean all women do.

As stated, it's perfectly normal. Um, no, it takes me min max tp reach a orgasm rather it be from oral or penetration. If it takes you a long time to cum, rather man or woman.

Theres something wrong, either your not really into the act, partner, or your not in touch with your body most women are not in touch with their bodies. As stated before she took forever to cum. What's the song at 2: She took forever to cum. Most of the 2 min PIV-only orgasms you see in the porn industry are fake. This made me so wet. Does this guy do house calls? I need to show this video to every guy I hook up with.

What a gorgeous mouth I know I am a lucky girl to have a man as gifted Wish i had that at the moment. Id love to be on his list This was beautiful, relaxing, romantic, erotic, sexy Thank you for sharing and making me orgasm with her. That was absolutely beautiful. He was soft and tender with her.

I got extremely horny looking at this video. Login om een reactie te plaatsen » Reacties 0 Er zijn momenteel geen reacties. Je kunt de eerste zijn. Gerelateerde sex films Bekijk alle » ». Rijpe Japanse verleid en neukt haar zoon. Mama geeft dochter en vriendje praktische tips. Mama en haar zus neuken hitsige stiefzoon. Verboden romance met stiefmoeder. Harige stiefmoeder helpt een jonge lul aan een zaadlozing. Rukkend betrapt worden door stiefmoeder pakt goed uit.

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Hoe kutje likken italiaanse kutjes